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Stop Working The Old Way...

🛑 Being ripped off buying software you don't need
🛑 Wasting your time trying to configure software you don't really have time to understand
🛑 Being overwhelmed by constant micro-decisions 
🛑 Struggling to make the capacity to scale your business to the next level


Start Working The New Way...

✅ Systemising your business

✅ Making smart software decisions to control costs

✅ Automating what you hate

✅ Growing your business


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In the academy you'll learn how to:

  • Straighten out and tidy up your processes
  • Avoid being ripped off buying software you don't really need
  • Use automation to reduce the complexity of delivering your products and services
  • Use automation smartly to both create capacity and improve customer service








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What's Involved?

The academy includes a combination of video tutorials, workbook exercises and masterclasses and group work and is designed to take members from an absolute beginner in process re-engineering and systems change, through to you having delivered automations into your business and a plan for doing the rest.

Academy members benefit from weekly calls with a blend of coaching and hands-on technical troubleshooting to help them to get their software configured, with additional technical support as required.  

Video tutorials will teach you how to assess your business processes and your existing software, and to identify where changes can be made to increase your productivity.

Tutorials will walk you through the set up of your software, and in the event that you require something for which a tutorial does not exist, I will take you through the set-up process.

Members get access to Technical Support throughout their membership, including troubleshooting issues with software, and updated advice on the latest tools to take your business productivity to the next level    






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